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Dr. Christopher Shiflett

  • Graduated Parker University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic

  • Torque Release Technique Certified

  • Activator Methods Certified

  • Retired Navy SEAL

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My Story

Dr. Chris, DC is the Owner of Trident Elite Healthcare and a retired Navy SEAL. The most common question he gets asked is, “How do you go from being a Navy SEAL to a Chiropractor?”. From breaking necks to adjusting them?

Chris grew up in a small rural town in VA and played sports all through high school. This culminated with a state championship in football his senior year. The team was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2017. He enlisted into the military after graduating high school and has a memory of being at medical clearance when 9/11 happened. He wanted to be the best the military had to offer, so naturally that meant becoming a SEAL. “If I was going to be a warrior, I was going to be the best the military had to offer.” He can be quoted in his About Me YouTube and TikTok videos as saying, “I wanted to be part of something that was greater than my myself. I wanted to serve something that was greater than myself and that requires being selfless and wanting to serve others.”

​Chris went on to have a successful career as part of SEAL Teams on the East Coast and was a part of multiple notable missions including Operation Jacque and Operation Red Wings. He received many accolades in his military career and is very humble about serving our country for over 16 years. It was in SEAL Teams where he learned about Chiropractic care after an injury during training that left him with a broken back, multiple herniated discs, and unrelenting pain. 

In January, 2013, Chris experienced an unimaginable tragedy that changed the course of his life. His wife, his first Teammate, died of an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (  while delivering their second daughter. With a newborn and a 5 year old daughter, Chris couldn’t risk leaving the girls without both parents, so he transitioned to the Reserves until being medically retired in 2017. It was this same year, Chris began his journey of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. Chris fell in love with the principle, philosophy and science behind Chiropractic Care. His mission is to promote your health and maximize your human potential.

Dr. Chris is married to his best friend, Amber and together, they have four children and are very active in their children’s activities including HS basketball, HS soccer, USAG tumbling and theater. They are very active in their hometown community of Mclendon Chisholm and can be found most evenings and weekends at one of their kid’s activities. When not at a kid’s function, they are often found on the Lake at Texoma, camping, hiking, or skiing/snowboarding in the Great Smokey Mountains. Dr. Chris and Amber also work with Operation Once in A Lifetime supporting Veterans and host an annual Halloween Charity Event that is never a disappointment.

Together, they have built their practice, Trident Elite Healthcare LLC in Heath, Texas, serving members of all ages. The practice has been built on referrals and a vision focusing on your health and wellness though a means of prevention and longevity. Dr. Chris also recognizes the importance of our public servants and provides a discount for services to our military members, medical providers and first responders. With the same desire to serve others as he served his country, Dr. Chris is excited to bring a distinguished service to you. You trusted him to serve your country, give him the opportunity to earn your trust to promote your health and maximize your human potential. 

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